Formula Energy Surfboards

Surfboards "BUILT TO LAST & DESIGNED TO PERFORM". Proudly Made in Australia.

 Our surfboards are handmade at our solar powered factory on the Gold Coast. The boards are custom made , we can design and create the exact specifications that you require. We strive to manufacture the most high performance product possible but are mindful of environmental impact and the negative values of using standard board building materials.

Through a long process of research and development, we can now offer a more durable Eco-friendly surfboard without compromising performance. Check out the USC , DCD and Premium Ranges and discover quality surfboards that lasts longer and perform better

Latest Designs

our design process is unique.

The concept of the parabolic rail is not new but the way we apply modern materials is totally unique and now through much research and development proving to deliver a surfboard which gets you to sections much quicker and without losing drive but in fact accelerating out of turns quicker.

Many variables are involved when producing a “magic” board. We believe we can supply you with the right variables to produce something special.

We specialize in custom creative artwork

All New Boards come standard with BLANK/NO ARTWORK however you can easily customize your board by selecting from our available designs.


Run Of Swell

February 20, 2017

Run of swell been a bit disappointing of late ? Need a surfboard with a tad more width through the nose but not into riding a fat fish shape ?  The Blend is designed as the ultimate step down model .  Designed to be ridden in small weaker type surf but still allowing you to surf in the pocket when the wave stands up in your favorite rip bowl bank . The performance outline cleverly hides a wider nose allowing surfing similar to your standard short board but designed to power thru flat spots and dead sections of the wave. Key Features: Slightly wider nose  Flatter entry rocker Exaggerated hip in the tail pod. Available in the USC Carbon range... Continue Reading →

Sav-Dog Video

January 17, 2017


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